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How to start a colony.

Easy way to make money and very common is starting a colony. Go to the large starbase in Sol, the system you start in. 
Enter it by flying in to it during enter mode ( F1 ) .Go to the shipyard. 

Go to hardware section. 

Select the biodome. 

Click purchase, it costs about $40 000.

Get out of the starbase. 
Fly to the 3rd planet starting from the sun, it looks like earth, you can even see Africa. 
Enter it. This is Earth. Here you can find as much colonists as you can carry in your cargo-depot. 
Recruit as much colonists as you can. 
Get out of earth. 
Open your starmap. 
The systems ( dots ) between the red lines are U.N.-territory. 
Here no one can attack you. 
And here you can't use any equipment. 
So you can't start your colony here. 
In the starmap click on one of the systems directly out of the U.N.-territory. 
Click on GOTO. 
Your autopilot takes you to the system you clicked. 
When you arrive enter one of the medium sized planets. 
If it's occupied, find an other planet. We don't want to invade right now ( you can do that when a planet isn't under U.N.-protection, just try to enter it, but watch out for defenses, it is an illegal action you will be doing ) . 
If you find a free planet enter it. 
You have landed on the surface. You will probably be attacked by native life. Kill them or just fly past them. 
Find a wide open space on the planet. If you killed all flowers and stuff there, fly to the middle of the open space and wait until your action points are full. 
If ready click on the green circle thing in your equipment bar. 
Normally you placed your biodome right now. If it worked ( you may have to try a few times ) you see the colony screen. 
Click on the biodome image. 
Now drop off the colonist you brought from Earth. 
Select Democracy and about 2% of taxes. This is a lucrative combination for starters. You get 1% interest an hour for all the money you have in the colony, at least as soon as the UN-protection period is over. The maximum is 30 000 an hour. Your colony will be under U.N.-protection the first 2.5 days or so. By then you will have to find some money to put some defenses ( Flak Cannons,... ) . Your priority should be to build your refinery and then your Solar Cannon.