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FAQ Starport Support FAQ

Q.: What is Starport?
A.: Starport is a science-fiction, semi-persistent( or completely persistent), top-down, 2D, real-time-strategy, FREE, MMORPG.

Q.: ??!! Translation please!!
A.: Starport is a game playing in a distant future in space. You can create a character ( you can even customize a portrait ) with starting-stats you decide, and develop it. You can not leave your spaceship. You play the game together with hundreds of other real-life players. The game continues 24/7. But in Starport several games are running at the same time, and each game lasts about 14 days. (Although since very short there is a never ending game!!) After which the game starts all over again. This way the games can be actually won. Most games have slightly different rules ( rate of fuel regeneration, number of people allowed in a corporation, map lay-out,... ). The action is viewed from above in space and on planetary surface in a two-dimensional world. But the game uses very cool effects and due to the low processor-use the game can render a lot of players at the same time. In Starport you can colonize planets an harbor colonists in the immense galaxy. This feature is like worthy strategy game. StarPort is easy to catch up and noobs don't start of with almost no chances of catching up. But there is always stuff to discover. Easy to catch up, hard to master. FREE means the game is completely free. So you don't have to pay anything. Not for downloading it. Not for playing it. Naturally you can buy some in-game features with real-life money. But in whole you can play the game for free. Yes, free.

Q.: Do I need to put a lot of time in StarPortGE?
That's completely up to you. Some activities require some time to accomplish them, while others are 10-minute features. It is a fact that spending time in StarPort ensures a healthy competitive position against other players. 

Q.: And how can you win the game?
A.: There are two rankings in each game. A player ranking and a corporation ranking. You can win if you end the game with the most experience of all players. Or you can win if you or the corporation you are in, has the most experience at the end of the game. For almost everything you do in the game you get experience.

Q.: What is reputation?
Every action you take is judged. If, for example, you attack an innocent player, your reputation drops. If you do enough illegal things, your reputation will drop under zero. From this point you are "dark". "Good" players can even attack you and even get experience for it! But doing illegal things can be very lucrative. If you only act legal, your reputation will go up. For every level of experience you get a rank. This way players can see quickly how good you are. But every rank has a "good" and a "bad" version. Being bad has a lot of pro's, being good also. Either way, it's your choice.

Q.: What is a corporation?
A.: A corporation is a group of players that work together to achieve victory. In a corporation all the colonies that are gained after the player has joined the corp ( =corporation ) , will be shared property. A corp can have its own rules, ideology,... There are pro's and con's to being in a corp. Either way, it's your choice.

Q.: This all sounds really complicated, and you seem to need to put a little effort in the game. Isn't there a simpler version? Maybe with elves and wizards? Is there?
A.: To my knowledge there is no simpler version of Starport. But maybe you will be happy with the next tip: go to a random search-engine. Type in: download+Pong . You will get an URL where you can download a game with less possible frustrations and simpler gameplay. Or you can put some effort in Starport and taste real POWER. Either way it's...
Q.: choice?
A.: Exactly. You are more intelligent then I thought...

You can download StarPort from

- Pentium 500mhz or faster CPU
- Win98/Win2000/WinXP Operating System with DirectX
- 128 megs RAM
- 16 megs Video-RAM

If you do not have DirectX installed, you can install it easily, for free, at Microsoft DirectX Download. If you've played full screen graphical games on your machine before, you probably already have DirectX installed.