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The first thing you should do is to set you options. Go to the top-left of the screen with your mousepointer. You will see a menu popping down.

Click the Options button.
Then set the volume to max. The shouts on. And the filter off.

Next thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the chat-commands. They are used to communicate with other players or to use a litlle handy feature of StarPort, like for example /time to know the StarPort time. The chat screen isn't only a window to other players but also a status screen to inform you of every litlle change or every new thing that happens near you or in the galaxy.
 You must type the commands in the chat screen.
1 is the window with you chat-messages and your news and/or status messages.
2 is the window in which you type yor commands and messages.
For example typing   
/s my game??     will have the following effect:

Here are some of the most important commands.
/s : Chat to everybody online.
/t name : Chat to one person in private.
/r : Reply to the last  person that send you a private message.
/c : Chat to your corporation.

/pro name : Displays the profile of name.
/where namesystem : Displays the co÷rdinats of namesystem.
/goto coords : Orders the autopilot to go to the entered co÷rdinats.
/tutorial : turns the tutorial messages on or off.

Next thing to do is to type /help . A screen will pop up with all commands and shortcuts. Use them to your own advantage.

Next we will check out the screen and it's functions.