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Check below for the history of this site and for a summary of what this site has to offer.
What is StarPort? How to play StarPort? I'm having technical problems!

(yep, I'm the webmaster!)

19 August 2005

Happy Birthday!!!

I hardly realized but StarPort Dock 1 is more than a year old!!! The site started at the 12th August 2004 as a marginal introduction to my corp with a small noob section. But the tips and help has grown faster than my corp so... All this time the site has been a beacon of knowledge in the StarPort universe. And I'm planning to keep it that way!
Back to business. The boards Swordremains and I started to survive the of-line period of the official boards isn't needed anymore. But we'll keep it on-line, you never know when the official boards go down and you have an urgent question. We'll check up on these boards periodically to check for new posts.
I finally finished my StarPort-based story. And I really feel it's a good one. As always comment is as always welcome. You know the mail address. By now I checked the spelling of every page in the site so I hope it won't bother you anymore. I also placed links to the tutorials Humna wrote, the links will take you to the StarPort boards where the guides are posted. Worth a look.


13 July 2005
Since the boards are of-line Swordremains and I have taken the initiative to start our own fan boards (, again. But this time it's serious. Last time we only had 30 users or so. Anyway, we hope you'll register at the boards and that you will pay us a visit sometime. I will also try to keep track of the growing number of laser walls in the Permaverse game. These locations will be posted in the boards. And the next suprise is that I started improving the spelling at StarPort Dock 1! A lot of people complained so...


2 July 2005
Finally I managed to get an interview with Toonces ( the original creator of StarPort ). Thanks to this interview we will know what an immense madman ( or a friendly genius ) you have to be to make an entire game for free. Toonces did it. Now we also know what's in store for the future of StarPort. I can't wait for those changes to happen!


29 June 2005
I got a mail from Humna with the order to update the whole site. Ok, but I still refuse to improve the spelling.
Placed 2 new links. And finally the bad news. I had to strip most guides away because they were outdated.


27 June 2005
Made loads of little changes the past few days. Had to remove Humna's Guides. Don't worry, you can still read them in the boards.
Watch this site or the boards for the following days. Something special is coming...


20 June 2005
I have found some really, especially great, superb and perfect guides on the boards. They were made by Humna and I must say I can't see how to improve them. They are clear, not too long and they read really comfortably. Nice! If you learn these guides by heart you will become a very good StarPort player.
I added the StarPort support FAQ to my faq page. Let's hope you never need it.


18 June 2005
It has been a very long time but recent developments in the StarPort world have forced me to retake the position of webmaster of the leading StarPort fan site. Just like in the past you will be welcome here for every possible information concerning StarPort. Now about those recent developments. Since a few weeks Aaron Hunter (the maker of StarPort ) did the unthinkable. He installed a shard that never rebangs. The wish of hundreds of StarPort players has finally been granted. StarPort going full on the MMO tour. StarPort is now a game that can match with a lot of MMO's. Even the costly ones. Let's hope Aaron can keep it up. For this reason we should continue to buy Tokens. Let's all say "Thank you!" to Toonces when we see him. GAME ON!


3 November. 2004
Not only have I fixed the last bug in the wallpapers page, I have also participated in organizing The First StarPort Tournament! MasterDS and I have done some brainstorming and we really think this could work. Just click on the icon in the nav bar and you'll get all the info. Or go to the related boards at . ! It's some time before we finally hit the battlefield but in this kind of stuff organization is the key to success. Any way, care to try a shot in the tournament?


1 November. 2004
This is a historical day in this sites history. Almost everything has changed. Just browse trough the menu and you will notice all major pages have been improved. And that's just on first sight. During last weekend I have made the site again from scratch. Who ever said people need sleep is a wussy. Why I have rebuild the site? Well, on the first 2 drafts the amount of bugs was very large. Now there are no bugs. And the total amount of content has been multiplied with 2 new guides (tnx Rohirrim!), a completely new section with artwork, 3 wallpapers and BOARDS! yes, this site finally has boards! Actually it wasn't really my idea. The new boards are the boards of a new starport fan site -> . I was impressed by the devotion of it's webmaster, MasterDS, that I decided to make these boards this sites official boards. I am also one of the moderators. So make sure to visit . The more users, the more fun. 


17 October. 2004
A new player-made guide! Not really first class but still handy enough for some people that have experience with mmo's but don't have with StarPort. So the player-made guide system really works. Nice because I wasn't really planning to make an encyclopedia by myself! Hey, I'm looking for a new name for this section of the site. Anyone got some ideas? Mail to-> 


13 October. 2004
I made some minor adjustments to the pictures and GIF's to make them smaller. Also added buttons on top that should make site-navigation easier.


10 oct. 2004
The StarPort official boards have moved! The old boards on will not seize to exist but now there are official boards on the StarPort site. I think it's apropriate to hold a one minute silence to remember the great months we had at ... ... ... Fine! Let us move on. The new boards are here or just ->  . By the way... The lay-out and the general atmosphere of the new boards are great altough they don't feel really StarPort-like with all the white. Let's just hope the posts on the new boards will prove more sensible then they used to be ;-)  .


 9 oct. 2004
Two new guides! Both in the tutorials page. Oh yea, also added some general tips. This means the site is filling up nicely... Work is progressing on the corp-guide/tutorial. Check out the two new guides. Handy for everybody, n00bs AND veterans.


2 oct. 2004
Added some tips. We are working on a corporation tutorial. Altough this is a really importand and undocumented feature of the game it will take some time to finish it. I'm hoping to ad some thoughts of my own. For this reason I'm now looking for an English or Dutch version of " The Art Of War" by Tsun Zu. I am also looking for some real-life manuals on guerilla warfare and business managing. Implementing such ideas in the game would prove very valuable for any CEO. Any tips are, as always, welcome.


28 September. 2004
Major changes to the VQG ( Very Quick Guide ) pages. The screen tutorial now has more recent screenshots and they stand out better.
There now is a mini-tutorial on banking in the VQG . It is a great feature and it's just sad most people don't know how to use it.


25 September. 2004
Made some small changes to pictures to make them lighter. This should solve the problems with dial-up connection. Also we are looking for screenshots of ships. Especially the expensive ones. Also we want to congratulate the growing number of people that start StarPort clans. Respect.


21 September. 2004
We added some new tips ( thanks for the feedback people! ). We think we helped n00bs so now we want to start a section for veterans. This requires some tip's and guides. But now we will check all tip's and rethink the structure of the tip-section.
28 August. 2004
The site has been completely reviewed and updated to modern standards. There has been made an obvious difference between the BlaStaCor-section and the StarPort RULES! info-section. The work on the Flash-intro has been halted for the moment. The webmaster likes everybody to enjoy this site without anybody having to download something. At this moment we are looking for helpful tips about StarPort. It is also possible to make some page completely made by players. Just mail them to !


25 August. 2004
Due to recent feedback of the visitors the site has been completely corrected. At this moment we are brainstorming for a complete rebuild and a new and easier lay-out. Also we are working on a general tip section ( also for StarPort-veterans ) , troubleshooting , ... All suggestions are  welcome! We would really like some feedback about Flash-intro's. Should we make 2 intro's ( in Flash and a GIF ) ? 


12 August. 2004
 Hi! You are witnessing a truly historical ( or hysterical ) moment in the Starport history! You can read what Starport is all about in the FAQ. Ok, back to the historical moment. This is the first Starport fan site on the net. The game has been online for longer now, but nobody seems to have done the effort to make a non-official site. Altough, in the game, everybody is always complaining that noobs ( this is NOT an insult ) are asking questions all the time. Most people online are friendly enough to answer the questions, even over and over again. But noobs don't HAVE to ASK this stuff they want to know. Naturally there are some things that are so subjective that the only good info is the life, human info. Most "stupid" questions are only asked because the noobs don't know that there are a lot of ways to get answers. Therefore this site. So this really is a historical moment. The makers hope this place on the net will be a beacon of light, hope and eternal joy ( jeez,... ) for all Starport fans. Enjoy and may the force be with you!