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"For generations people have looked upwards. Upwards to the infinate sparkle of the billions of stars that light the sky. We pictured ourselves travelling within a world of wonders. We pictured ourselves reign of the never ending wealth of the universe. But now our dominion stretches the skies that we once desired so much. But now we know the truth. Space is black. Space fills every inch of humanity's imagination. And every inch is filled with blackness. The stars are but a taste of what space could be, a warm home for humanity. But space isn't warm. Space is cold. The cold stretches from the tips of our thoughts to the bottoms of our souls. We can not escape. We can not run. 
We may even voyage the atmosphere of a towering sun, in search of a final home. We can wonder about the immense power of creation that lies within that star. We can try to devote ourselves to become just as that star, gifted with the seed of creation. And one day we will be able to craft energy to whatever shape we desire. We will spread to all corners of the universe. Thus we will be allmighty. But still we will feel the cold and blackness of what we finally have become. One with our broken dreams. One with the unjustice of space. One with the blackness. One with the cold. 
And therefore we must call ourselves The Black Star Corporation. So we will grow and prosper, knowing the fact that one day we will be the viod of which we try to deny it's very existance. And trough this knowledge we shall find strenght and courage. And we shall overcome our foes and fears untill one day we will nurse ourselves within the warmth of space. For we will have become colder and darker..."

-First CEO of The Black Star Corporation-
(name unknown, date unknown)