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Please put some effort in reading this post because this really is a superb idea.


Since StarPort has the Permaverse game (the one that never rebangs) it has become a valuable opponent for any other MMO, paying or not. But there is one aspect seriously lacking.

Territorial conquest!

And that’s a problem because almost every MMO these days has or will have some kind of “battle for territory and power”. And that’s including MMO’s such as Guild Wars, World Of Warcraft, EVE-online, Lineage, Lineage 2 and even a stupid free one like Knight-Online

( I can be mestaken about the last one but I do know that KO features a lot of organised mass PVP and PVE events).


So what could StarPort do to enshure a competative position versus that 3D, multi-classed, big-budget violence?






The rules are easy:


Then a corp may buy the system. A CEO must go to New New York. Then in the Police section he may apply for the Guardianship of a system.

Strangely enough the CEO can have a negative rep. , this because a lot of CEO’s have a really negative rep. So it would take ages to rise it.


The price calculation would be a bit like this ( of course the real balancing of  the prices would be up to Toonces):


So a corp that buys a first system ( why not Theta Canis Majoris )with 3 colonies, 4 extra planets and one starport would have to pay: 1x2000K+3x1500K+4x300K+3000K=10700K=10,7 million


Overall that’s nothing for an entire system and that with all the pro’s:


A Guardianship would give the corp the following opportunities ( of course the real balancing of  the advantages would be up to Toonces):


I’m shure these minor changes would make StarPort known and respected troughout the entire MMO-community.

This would be because a good indicator of the quality of an MMO is the number of challenges the game offers. And the challenges get even better when they are linked to real-layer actions.

With the System Guardianship Update multiple new forms of  competition ( and thus challenges) would come available to the player.


These new challenges would be:


Of course this update would require the corps to be somewhat larger. I was thinking about 20 members max. And this can be even set higher right now because more  ppl in a corp is always nicer, not only in this update.


This update would also require something else. Declerations of war. This doesn’t have to be much. Just an official sounding mail from one CEO to the other. And of course something like a red circle around the enemy corp’s members, something to point them out in the masses. This new feature can be implemented right now, regardless of the System Guardianship Update. Some cool wars would surely make some fun in the world of StarPort.


All of these new features and the old features ( StarPort is free, the startegy element of managing colonies, … ) put together would make StarPort an immense opponent of any other MMO. And I think more people would play the game and for longer hours. And the more people playin, the more income from Tokens.


If this litlle update gets trough the selection proces it will mean a nice change to StarPortGE.

Then maybe StarPort will really be StarPort GALACTIC EMPIRES…