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We, as a corporation, believe in total solidarity with our corporation-brothers. We must always defend, respect and help each other. In all circumstances. The corp has a very strict chain of command. The member with the most exp. commands the ones with less. If A has 10K exp. and B 8K and C 5K then A commands B and C. And B commands C. The only exception is the CEO. The CEO commands all corp-members, at all times. The CEO's word is law. But rest assured, a CEO will always listen to its fellow corp-members. This rule is lifted in some situations : an attack against a Black Star Corporation member, or other hostile actions can result in immediate retaliatory response by the Black Star Corporation members and/or allies. Respect is the currency of BlaStaCor. And this respect must be earned. Therefore members must behave intelligent and respectful to all beings. But all members must be prepared to judge on the spot. Other players in danger must be helped as good as possible. But we do not interfere in fights ( spoken or by battle ) between players with a negative reputation. We respect the decision of players to build a negative reputation, but they must respect ours to judge them. Illegal actions are allowed in the Black Star Corporation. The Black Star Corporation believes in a convinced choice between the "Good" and the "Bad" way of playing in StarPort. As a result we believe that all means are allowed to achieve our goals. Our sword is patience. One day we will have revenge for all the injustice bestowed upon us. Even with this principal we will achieve final victory.