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Player Screen:


1: Equipment Bar: Here you can see the things you have bought. Click to use them.

2: Chatbox: Very important. Just type to talk to people in the same system as yours. Here you can give text commands: /help : An overview of all the shortcuts and all the text commands you can give. /tutorial : Gives you a helpful tip every 30 seconds. Standard on, type it to turn it off.  /s : Talk to everybody in your game. /t (name) : You talk to one person personally. /c : talk to the corporation you are in. There are more-> /help . 

3: RADAR: From left to right: system RADAR; near galaxy map; portrait and name of the person your talking to; all ships in you system.

4: From top to bottom: Mouse Control ( by clicking in the radar you will go there ) ; Anker ( you will not drift due to gravity ); Door ( enter starports and planets ); Galaxy ( the galaxy, you are in the system with the red diamond, as you move the mouse pointer over the galaxy you will see a set of numbers change in the lower left corner, those are the coordinates, Click a system and click GOTO to go there on autopilot ); Character Screen ( overview of you yourself ,portrait, money, ... ); Trade ( click a name to request begin of trade ).

5: Shield Bar: You can buy shields in star bases an starports. The more the better. How much you can maximum carry depends on your ship.

6: Fuel Bar: Drops every time you land on a planet, enter a starbase, do a scan or make a jump to an other system. You can't buy warp fuel. It regenerates over real time. The regeneration rate depends upon the game you are playing in. Normal rate is one gallon every 3 minutes.

7: Action points: For everything you do you spend action points. Regenerates very quickly. Rate depends on the ship you are flying.

8: Cargo: Every type of cargo has a different color. Click on the boxes to get an overview of your cargo in the chatbox. Additional cargo space can be bought in all space bases and spaceports. The max. amount depends on your ship.

9: Location: name of system and coordinates between ( ) .

10: Your rank and nickname ( scrambled in screenshot ) .

11: Your experience and reputation.

12: Your money.

13: Your ship. You can never leave it.


The menu pops down when you go to the top of the screen with your mouse pointer.

1: Adjust the volume. Put Obscenity filter on or off. Put shout messages on or off. Please do not turn them off, it is asocial and you will miss the  amazing social experience of StarPort.

2: Let's you see who is online.

3: Rankings of the personal players according to experience. More info about experience see FAQ.

4: Rankings of the corporations according to the total experience of all corporation members. Join or form a corporation. For the password of a corporation talk to a member of that corporation.

5: About the game.

6: Log out and return to the connection screen. The log out screen tells you if you are safe to log out. For more info about logging out se The n00b tips about fuel .

7: An encyclopedia of StarPort. Not all info of StarPort is there. There is an online version of the StarPedia at the spge .

8: The map of the galaxy. For more info look at point 4 in the Player Screen Guide .

9: A list of all you personal or all your corps colonies. Click on one to find it highlighted on your galaxy map.

10: Your personal status. Your quote, experience, reputation, money, money in the bank,...

11: The status of your ship. How much it is worth, the number of shields, the number of cargo holds,...

12: Scan the area, you can find better scanners in the starport.

13: Your in-game mailbox where you can read and compose mails to other players. The name of the player is the players mail-address.

14: Recent news.

15: Contact a player in the same system as yours.

16: Throw out cargo or items in space. By jettisoning spice in space you get fuel.

NOW WHY DON'T YOU TAKE A LOOK AT THE TUTORIALS SECTION? Cool info on all you should know...