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This is a basic guide on "How to Colonize Your Own Planets". If you want something more advanced, read Spiceant's wonderful guide about planet construction. This is just the basics.

1. Go to a starbase and click on "Shipyards". Then once it opens click on "Hardware". Buy a Biodome. In PvP games they cost 40,000 credits. In non pvp games they cost 780,000 credits.

2. Find colonists at a local starport. If your building colonies I suggest you have atleast a Merchant Freighter (80 max slots). If you can afford more, which I doubt if your reading this, then buy one of the following: Dreamsower (200 max slots), Galaxy Whale (160 max slots), or many peoples' favorite, the Antarean Speedstar (100 max slots). Personally I think the Speedstar is overpriced considering it's low speed, low slot max, and non-damaging special weapon, but it's still a good ship and if it suits you by all means get it. Try and fill up all your slots with colonists from ports along the way to your destination. Although i'm sure you should be able to. If you don't fill up right away that's ok too. Just remember to do it soon

5. Drop the colonists into your newly deployed dome and set up the "Government", "Taxes", and "Colonial Work Force Allocation" tabs.

You just made a colonized planet! Yay!