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This is a basic but complete guide on "How to Make Your Own Warp Fuel".

1.Go to a port that sells Spice with atleast 175,000 credits. Make sure you ship has max slots or you'll lose effieciency when you do this (you use 1 more fuel everytime you have to dock back in to buy more). If you need to buy slots you'll need more money to do that so don't forget.

2. Buy full load of Spice.

3. Exit the starport.

4. Hit Alt+J. Or go to COMMANDS tab then click "Jettison". From this window click on "Spice". Now move the slider all the way over and click Jettison. It will now say, "The spice touches the vacuum of space and creates X gallons of warp fuel!" "You have X units left for conversion."

The "spice o' meter" starts at 500 and goes down to 0. After 0 you get no more gallons for doing this. You must wait for it to recharge over the day or so. When ever you log on type "/spice" to see how many units you have available for conversion. Make sure your meter never says more than 100. This will give you ample time to log off for almost any entire day without losing efficiency.