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By Josh


First off, there are 3 scanners in the game. The Local scanners, the Broadband scanners, and the Neutrino scanners. The Local scanners are given by default on every ship. They don't work in space and just waste precious warp fuel, so don't try. They only work AFTER you land on a planet. The cost is 1 gallon of Warp fuel and it will tell you the weight of the objects on the planet you are on.


The second level, the Broadband scanners, work in space. The cost for buying them at the Hardware portion of a Starbase is 850,000 credits. Each scan costs 3 gallons of Warp Fuel. This one will give the readout of ALL objects WITHIN the system. It will total ALL the objects on ALL the planets, so when you have a system with dozens of planets and moons, it is difficult to actually interpret.


The third level of scanners, the Neutrino scanner, work in space as well. You can buy these at the Starbase Hardware store for 1,500,000 credits. Each scan with this type costs 5 gallons of Warp Fuel. This one will give the readout of ALL objects WITHIN the system, listed planet by planet and moon by moon. This allows you to more accurately guess what is on the planet before you land.


The following are the weights of objects the scanners will detect (in tons):

Aliens - 5 each

Mines - 10 each

Turrets - 25 each

Artifacts - 100 each

Ships - 200 each

Colonies - 500

Resources - 0


NOTE: Greenhouse type planets with the Ion Tower improvement will not show the weight of any Mines, Turrets, or Colonies.


Typically planets have a couple different weights, and the usually what it means:

Less then 100 - Alien infestation

150-170 - Aliens and an artifact

250-450 - Chances are this is a ship or two trying to hide for the night

500+ - Colony; may have aliens, turrets, and mines, and ships (see weights above)


**NOTE: As of the publication of this guide, there is an exploit of little use concerning scanners. You can scan a system with less then the required Warp Fuel and still get a readout. It will set your Warp Fuel to 0 (when it would at most have been 4). HOWEVER, this is of little use as it takes at least a gallon of warp fuel to land on a planet, and two to start an invasion. This leaves you vulnerable for several minues in a system.