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How to take a taxi-mission or an escort mission.

An other easy way to make money are taxi-missions. 
Go to a starport. Enter it. 
Click on the Lone Star Lounge. 
Click on the "Talk to patron" button. 
Most probably you will receive a taxi-mission. 
You will get a set of cords ( coordinates ).  Before you accept the mission open your starmap. 
Find the cords. 
Click on the system. Click "Mark" , the system you first clicked on will now have a blue marker. 
Click accept after risking the mission. 
Exit the starport. 
Open you starmap. 
Click on the system you marked blue.
Click GOTO. Your autopilot will take over.
When you arrive in the system go to the starport there and enter it. 
The passenger will get out. You get money. 
You can get bonuses for being quick. The more hops ( jumps ) you make the better paid. 20 hops is about 250K ( 250 000 ), without a bonus. But it takes some time and can be dangerous. You best use a fast ship.