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The amount of tips isn't really large but it's a very young page. If you have any tips that you think could be helpful send them to They are welcome. I hope you can be helped with these few tips. More to come.

Tips About Fuel. Combat Tips. General Tips.

Some terms people should know when playing StarPort:

- rep = reputation ( how good or bad you are in the game, for more info see FAQ )
- exp = experience ( for everything you do in the game you get exp, for more info see FAQ )
- corp = corporation ( group of players that work together, for more info see the FAQ )
- npc = non-playable character ( good or evil ships that are not real players, only there to attack )
- hop ( jump trough a gate )
- ISC = Imperial StarCruiser
- IGS = Intergalactic Ship
- IGP = Intergalactic Paradise