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If you are completely new to StarPort I suggest you first check out the things you should do first and then the screen overview. And maybe later some guides and tutorials.


Things I should do first. Quick Screen Overview. How to take a taxi-mission.
How to use The First Intergalactic Bank. Quick Ship Overview. How To Start A Colony.

controls: Use the up arrow key to thrust, and the right and left arrow keys to turn. Use the control key to fire your primary weapon, and use the tab key to fire your secondary weapon. F1 is enter mode, it shows a circle around everything you can enter.

Character creation: Choose name; customize portrait; 15 points for 3 character stats; max. 10 points for one character stat. Character stats: Charisma-> How good trading prices you can get. Gives your colonies an hourly morale boost.
Dexterity-> How quick you can turn in combat. Also influences your energy regeneration.
Wisdom-> Fuel consumption: VERY important.

logging out: You can log out everywhere, but only in U.N.-territory it's completely safe. But there you have to pay taxes when you log out. How much, you can see in the logging out screen. If you have a very good defended colony log out there. It's free after the U.N.-protection of your colony is over. But make sure your colony has adequate defenses ( Flak Cannons, mines,... ) to fight of an invasion.